Coach K

“Goals should be realistic, attainable and shared among all members of the team.”

Mike Krzyzewski

Mike Krzyzewski is retiring after more than 40 years as the Head Basketball Coach at Duke. Prior to coaching the Blue Devils, Coach K was the Head Coach at Army for five years. Duke’s win over Michigan State Sunday was the 1,200th for Mike as a Head Coach, by far the most of anyone else in College Basketball History! Under Coach K, Duke has won five NCAA Championships and has gone to the Final Four 12 times! Coach K is a three-time Coach of the Year, and he also coached the USA Basketball Team when they won three straight Gold Medals in the Olympics! 2008, 2012 and 2016. Mike Krzyzewski was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001!

Bob Knight was Mike Krzyzewski’s mentor. Mike played for Bob Knight at Army, and Coach K was an assistant coach for Knight for one season at Indiana. Coach K then became the head Coach at Army. Bob Knight recommended Mike for the Duke job in 1980. Knight told Duke Athletic Director, Tom Butters, that “Mike Krzyzeweski has all of my good qualities and none of my bad ones.”

Sometimes you need patience because Coach K’s first three years at Duke produced a record of 38-47. The Blue Devils stuck with Coach K, and then Duke became a powerhouse! Coach K was offered five NBA Head Coaching jobs over the years and he turned them all down to stay at Duke! Coach K relates well to people and is a great leader and a great recruiter. He’s had a nice farewell tour this season and his Blue Devils still are very much alive – going to the Regionals!

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