“I’m just going out there and try to play as well as I can.”

– Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford just completed his 13th year in the NFL. His first 12 seasons were with the Detroit Lions, who drafted him with the number one overall pick in 2009. Stafford was an All-America at the University of Georgia. Stafford asked for a trade from the Lions after the 2020 season, and the Lions obliged and traded him to the Los Angeles Rams where he led the Team to a Super Bowl victory!

Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions went to the Playoffs three times in his 12 years there. They never won a Playoff game during that time and that tells you a quarterback must have a supporting cast! In 2021, Matthew Stafford played very well in the Post Season leading the Rams to three victories including one in the Super Bowl! Stafford is tough and competitive and has a fine arm! He also can get things done “late” in a play! With the Rams trailing the Bengals late in the Super Bowl, with everything,”on the line” Stafford engineered the winning drive and completed it with a touchdown pass to Cooper Kupp! It was Stafford’s third TD pass of the game! It took a long time and a trade and now Matthew Stafford, at age 34, is a Champion!

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