“It’s important to get quality young men & good student athletes that can be successful at the University of Georgia. That’s my goal!”

Kirby Smart, Georgia Football Coach

Kirby Smart is the Head Football Coach of the National Champion Georgia Bulldogs! Kirby was born in Alabama and grew up in Georgia. He attended the University of Georgia, was a terrific defensive back and first team All SEC as a senior! Kirby Smart was an Assistant Coach under Nick Saban with LSU, with the Miami Dolphins and with Alabama. Smart became Head Coach at the University of Georgia prior to the 2016 season. Smart has had some great teams in his six years as Georgia’s Head Coach and this year Georgia won its first National Championship in 41 years!

Kirby Smart is 46 years old, and when he became Head Coach of the Georgia Bulldogs six years ago, it was his first Head Coaching job. Smart said that as an Assistant under Nick Saban, he learned how to handle certain situations, how to handle players, and how to improve the team. Kirby Smart’s personality is different from that of Nick Saban. Kirby has a self deprecating sense of humor and is somewhat laid back. Kirby Smart is a good man, is well liked and well respected, and with that win over Alabama, he is on top of the Football world!

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