“I think it is imperative to follow your heart and to choose a profession you’re passionate about.”
Steve Kerr

Steve Kerr has been the head coach of the Golden State Warriors for four seasons. During this time the Warriors have won three Championships! Steve Kerr starred at the University of Arizona and then played in the NBA for 15 years with Phoenix, Cleveland, Orlando, Chicago, San Antonio, and Portland. Steve Kerr was an outstanding three-point shooter who played on five NBA Championship teams: three with the Chicago Bulls and two with the San Antonio Spurs. In his post playing days, in addition to being a coach, Kerr has been a front office executive and a broadcaster.

Steve Kerr has the “heart” of a champion and the rings to back it up! Kerr is an eight-time NBA Champion: five as a player and three as a coach. When Kerr was a teenager, his father Malcolm, who was the President of the American University of Beirut, was murdered in Lebanon. Kerr showed that he is a very “strong” person who treats people well. He has gone on to achieve so much in the game of basketball. Kerr’s players respect him because he relates very well to them. Kerr treats each player as an individual and is flexible in his approach. This enables Steve Kerr to maximize each player’s potential. He may yell at a player; however, he never will insult a player personally. Steve Kerr is less about confrontation and more about collaboration. Steve Kerr has terrific players. You must have them to win, but great coaches have an “edge and fire” to them, which Kerr possesses. Congrats to Steve Kerr and to the Warriors on winning another Championship!

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