Miss Basketball

“These girls play year round. They are quicker, stronger and more physical.”
Janet Haneberg-Diggs, Ohio Miss Basketball 1988

Janet Haneberg-Diggs was Ohio’s first ever Miss Basketball in 1988. After starring at Cincinnati’s Seton High School, Janet was an excellent player at Xavier. Many athletes, both make and female, have gone on to have careers in sports broadcasting. Janet has done that; however, what is unique about her career in sports broadcasting is that she works “behind the scenes.” Most former athletes are “on air” talent. Janet Haneberg-Diggs is a freelance score box operator for Fox Sports Ohio, for Cincinnati Reds games, and for College Basketball games.

In the 28 years since, Janet Haneberg-Diggs was named Ohio’s first ever Miss Basketball, a lot has changed for athletes. There are fewer multi sport athletes. This is true for both males and females. Athletes now usually play one sport, and in many cases, play it year round. There are year round conditioning programs for athletes in all sports and at all levels.

I have been doing the play-by-play on television of the Indiana Girls Hall of Fame tournament since 1990. The caliber of play has improved dramatically over the years. In last year’s Girls Hall of Fame Classic, Jackie Young from Princeton (IN) High School, put on an incredible show. She is one of the best High School Girls players ever to come out of the State of Indiana.

As a freshman for #1 ranked Notre Dame, Jackie is averaging 9 points per game. Yes, Girls High School Basketball has gotten better and better since Janet Haneberg-Diggs was named Ohio’s Miss Basketball in 1988, but let’s also remember that in 1988, there was no WNBA. The WNBA now has been in existence for some 20 years.

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