Big Papi

“I come to play everyday.”
David Ortiz

David Ortiz recently retired after playing Major League Baseball for 20 years. David Ortiz was a ten-time All-Star who belted 541 home runs. Ortiz helped lead the Boston Red Sox to three World Championships (2004, 2007, 2013) and was the World Series MVP in 2013. Big Papi hit 54 homers in 2006 and led the American League in RBI’s on three occasions.

David Ortiz was at his best when it mattered the most. He led the Red Sox to the greatest Post-Season comeback in sports history. The Red Sox were down three games to none against the Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series and Boston came back to win four straight. Ortiz knocked in the winning runs in games four and five to set the stage for that incredible feat.

I have been a baseball broadcaster my entire adult life and can truly appreciate how hard it is to play the game well on a consistent basis. Very few players have the ability to come through in the clutch time and time again. David Ortiz was an incredible player when the chips were down. He smacked 17 home runs in Post Season play. Because of his terrific hitting and friendly personality, Big Papi was both loved and respected by many people. After the Boston Marathon bombings, he endeared himself to so many people by becoming quite vocal in his support for the City of Boston. Ortiz battled injuries early in his career with the Minnesota Twins. He came into his own with Boston and became one of the great players in Red Sox history.

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