“Attitude is a choice. Think positive thoughts. Believe in yourself.”
Pat Summitt

Pat Summitt chalked up 1,098 wins during her 38 year tenure as Tennessee’s Women’s head basketball coach. Pat won more games than any other NCAA Division 1 head basketball coach. Her Tennessee teams won eight National Championships, 16 regular season SEC titles and 16 post season SEC tournaments. Pat Summitt won two Olympic medals: as a player in 1976 (Silver) and as a coach 1984 (Gold). Pat Summitt was named NCAA Coach of the Year seven times.

When I think of Pat Summitt here is what comes to mind: incredible determination and endless passion! Pat was so relentless that she led her Tennessee teams to 31 straight NCAA tournament appearances. Pat Summitt set the bar very high and when you think about all her success, I am reminded of a quote from the great author, John Steinbeck, who said, “It is the nature of man (woman) to achieve greatness, if greatness is what is expected of him (her).”

Pat a Summitt was driven to perfection and expected greatness from her players – and much
more often than not, she got it! In fact, Pat Summitt never had a losing season at Tennessee. Pat said that she mellowed as time went on. Her players never liked getting that “icy stare.” Pat Summitt was a mentor and a hero to many of her players. Pat Summitt died much too young (age 64). Her impact never will be forgotten, and her legacy will live on. It is fitting that she is recognized with so many honors and awards including The Presidential Medal of Freedom.

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