Mr Baseball

“I had slumps that lasted into the winter!”
Bob Uecker

Bob Uecker played in the Major Leagues for parts of six seasons with the Braves, Cardinals and Phillies. Uecker was the Cardinals back-up catcher to Tim McCarver when the Cardinals won the World Series in 1964. Bob Uecker’s lifetime batting average in the Major Leagues was .200. .200 should be the Uecker line not the Mendoza line! Bob Uecker has broadcast the Milwaukee Brewers games since 1971. Uecker was inducted into the Broadcaster’s Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2003. His  accolades for his comedic work and acting have made him a national celebrity.

Bob Uecker crafted his comedic routine on how bad a player he was. Uecker made some 100 appearances on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson; in fact, it was Carson who dubbed him, “Mr. Baseball”. As far as Uecker’s playing ability was concerned, he was a good defensive catcher with a fine arm. Bob Uecker jokes about all of his passed balls when he caught knuckleballer Phil Niekro, when in fact Uecker deserves a good deal of credit for the success that Niekro ultimately had. Uecker helped instill confidence in Niekro by constantly encouraging him to throw the knuckleball so that he can master it. The result: Phil Niekro won over 300 games and is in Baseball’s Hall of Fame. Uecker acted in the sitcom Mr. Belvedere and developed quite a following for his Lite Beer commercials. Uecker stole the show in the movie, “Major League” while playing the part of Harry Doyle, Cleveland Indians broadcaster. In addition to broadcasting the Brewers games, Bob Uecker also announced baseball for ABC and NBC. This one story about Bob tells you why he has achieved so much success. Al Michaels, Howard Cosell, and Uecker were announcing a baseball game for ABC when Cosell said something with which Uecker took exception. Cosell then said to Uecker, “You are being rather truculent.” Cosell paused for a few seconds and then added, “You do know what truculent means?” Uecker then replied, “Yes. If you owned a truck and I borrowed it, that would be the truckyoulent!”

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