Reds Captain

“What people don’t realize is professionals are sensational because of the fundamentals.”
Hall of Famer Barry Larkin

Barry Larkin played shortstop for the Cincinnati Reds for almost 19 years. Larkin excelled offensively and defensively. He won nine Silver Slugger Awards and three Gold Gloves. Barry Larkin finished his career with a .295 batting average, 2,340 hits, and 198 home runs. Larkin won the National League’s Most Valuable Player Award in 1995, the first time an NL shortstop had done so since Maury Wills won it in 1962. Barry Larkin was a 12-time All-Star who was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 2012.

Barry Larkin is very deserving of his Hall of Fame status. He is one of the best shortstop’s offensively the game ever has seen. Larkin also was a very good shortstop defensively. Larkin could win a game for you offensively with his bat and his speed. In fact, in 1996, Barry Larkin became the first shortstop ever to have a 30-30 season – 33 homers and 36 stolen bases. Larkin also has a very good knowledge of the strike zone. He walked more times than he struck out. Larkin excelled the one time he got to play in the World Series. In 1990, he batted .353 as the Reds swept the Athletics. Larkin always conducted himself in a very professional manner and was named captain of the Reds in 1997. Larkin has a wealth of baseball knowledge and these days is sharing it with players in the Reds’ organization in his new role as the team’s infield coordinator.

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One Response to Reds Captain

  1. Pete Cava says:

    Barry Larkin will manage a Major League team some day — if he wants to. He piloted Team Brazil at the 2013 World Baseball Classic. Brazil had no baseball history but Larkin and his coaching staff had them playing heads-up ball. A very impressive guy!

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