The Ignitor

“People who accumulate statistics that are warranted of Hall of Fame numbers, should be in.”
Hall of Famer Paul Molitor

Paul Molitor is the new manager of the Minnesota Twins. Paul Molitor was a seven-time All-Star who was the World Series MVP in 1993 for the Toronto Blue Jays. Molitor played in the Major Leagues for 20-plus seasons. Molitor’s lifetime batting average is .306; and Molitor compiled over 3,000 hits, had more than 200 home runs, and stole more than 500 bases.

Paul Molitor is a bright man, a good man. However in his new job as manager of the Twins, he will need good players to succeed. He succeeded as a player and was given a big push at a pivotal time in his career. Prior to the 1987 season, Tony Muser became the Milwaukee Brewers hitting coach. Muser challenged Molitor to become a better hitter by working harder and getting out of his comfort zone. The result: Molitor embarked on a 39 game hitting streak and Molitor raised his betting average that season to .353. It was .281 in 1986. When you think abot Paul Molitor’s success as a player, always remember the impact Tony Muser had on his career. There are some great lessons here: Remember that your words can influence others to do great things. Never, ever let current success blind you to what you truly can achieve.

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