Papa Joe

“Don’t ever permit the pressure to exceed the pleasure.”
Cubs Manager Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon is the new manager of the Chicago Cubs after nine years at the helm of the Tampa Bay Rays. Before joining the rays, Maddon spent 31 years in the Angels organization in a number of different roles. Maddon played professionally for four seasons and never advanced past Class A Ball. Joe Maddon is a two-time American League Manager of the Year. Maddon led the Rays to the American League Pennant in 2008.

Cubs fans are very excited to have Joe Maddon as their manager. His quote about “not letting the pressure exceed the pleasure” is right on target. Reminds of me of when Hall of Famer, Willie Stargell said, “The umpires don’t say work ball. They say “play ball” It is all about trying to have fun! Maddon is resourceful, he is creative, and is very well respected. Maddon gets high grades among players and is considered a “player’s manager”. He is not afraid to “think out of the box”, whether it is a defensive shift or an unusual batting order – just to name a few things. The Cubs had the 2014 Minor League Player of the Year, in Kris Bryant. The Cubs have a number of other good young players. You never can predict that a team will win the World Series because anything can happen in Baseball’s Post Season, but with Joe Maddon and with good young talent, you will be hearing a lot about the Chicago Cubs in the next few years!

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