Edelman – “The Energizer Bunny”

“We are bringing this back to Foxborough. Feels unbelievable!”
New England Patriots received Julian Edelman

Julian Edelman caught nine passes for 109 yards in the Patriots’ Super Bowl victory over Seattle on Sunday. Edelman was drafted by the Patriots in the seventh round in 2009. In fact, he was the 232nd player taken in the Draft. Edelman was a quarterback at Kent State. Julian Edelman was not invited to the NFL Combine when he came out of College. Edelman caught 105 passes during the regular season in 2013 and 92 more in 2014.

Julian Edelman played great in the biggest game of his life! He is an incredible story because he worked so hard at learning how to return punts and worked so hard in making himself into a fine wide receiver. He did not return punts, nor did he catch passes until he came into the NFL! Teammate Darrelle Revis calls Edelman, “The Energizer Bunny” because he “never stops going.”. He never stops working either! Tom Brady, said of Edelman’s work ethic, “It speaks to him, his upbringing and his character.” Not bad for a guy who is 5″10 and 200 pounds! Julian Edelman always has had the heart of a champion. On Sunday, he became a Champion!

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