Vince Lombardi

“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.”
Vince Lombardi

The Green Bay Packers won five NFL titles in seven years under Vince Lombardi including the first two Super Bowls. Lombardi was the Packers Head Coach for nine years. He also was the Washington Redskins Head Coach in 1969. Under Lombardi, the Redskins went 7-5-2 – their first winning season in 15 years. The Packers had gone 1-10-1 in 1958, the season before Vince Lombardi arrived.  During Lombardi’s first year at the helm they went 7-5. Uncer Lombardi, the Green Bay Packers were known for their “power sweep” with a pair of excellent running backs in Jim Taylor and Paul Hornung.

I always think about Vince Lombardi when the Super Bowl is upon us. The winning team will hoist the “Lombardi Trophy”. Vince Lombardi’s impact cannot be overemphasized. He turned around the Packers franchise and led them to Championships. In one season with the Redskins he changed their culture as well. I think Lombardi’s greatness was all about getting his players to reach their full potential. Vince Lombardi realized there was a big difference between “being involved and being committed”. He got his players to push themselves “for that little something extra”. Lombardi knew how to motivate his players and to get them to overachieve. With the new year upon us, let’s try to “give it everything we have – and then some!”

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