“I don’t think any professional accepts defeat.”
Mariano Rivera

43 year-old Mariano Rivera has retired from baseball. Rivera is baseball’s all-time saves leader with 652. Mariano Rivera is a 13-time All-Star and a five time World Champion. Rivera won the Rolaids Relief Award five times, and in 1999 he was named World Series MVP.

Rivera has been the New York Yankees “closer” since 1997, and he recorded at least 25 saves in 15 straight seasons. Rivera posted an ERA of under 2.00 in ll seasons. Mariano Rivera led the American League in saves on three occasions.

Most baseball fans (myself included) feel Mariano Rivera is the greatest “closer” of all time. “Goose” Gossage disagrees. Gossage says that “Rivera is the greatest closer of his generation”. When Gossage (a Hall of Famer) was closing games he often worked multiple innings and came into games with men on base.

The game has changed. Now there are “set-up men” to pitch the 8th inning. Mariano Rivera has been consistently great for 15 years. Hemingway, himself a big Yankee fan, once defined courage “as grace under pressure.” Mariano Rivera has courage. He keeps his cool, and everyone who knows him says that he is a kind and wonderful man. And, he has a great cut fastball!

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  1. Tony Mattera, says:

    Mariano Rivera has been an inspiration to me. No one is perfect and he blew a save occasionally, but his consistency and confidence are admirable. I have to admit I choked up when Derek Jeter and Andy Pettitte came out during his final game. To me Rivera epitomizes the best of baseball.

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