“Winning isn’t everything; wanting to win is.”

Hall of Famer Jim “Catfish” Hunter

Catfish Hunter pitched in the Major Leagues for 15 years. Hunter pitched on five World Championship teams; three with Oakland (1972, 73 & 74) and two with the Yankees (1977 & 78).  Catfish Hunter was an eight-time All-Star who won 20 games for five straight seasons (1971-75).

Hunter won the American League’s Cy Young Award in 1974 when he went 25-12 with a 2.49 E.R.A. Hunter pitched a perfect game for the Athletics in May of 1968 against the Minnesota Twins. Catfish Hunter was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1987.

I love watching Catfish Hunter pitch.

Hunter was not overpowering however his fastball had movement. He also threw his fastball at several different speeds, and he had great control.

Hunter became a free agent because of a technicality and signed with the Yankees where he spent the final five years of his career.

One of the reasons I was a Catfish Hunter fan is because he was a great competitor who was at his best in “big” games. Hunter was all about winning. He pitched “to the score” and he also handled the pressure of pitching in New York very well.

Catfish Hunter: a great teammate, very down to earth, and a winner.

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