“I have got an accountability and a responsibility to do whatever I can
to help this team win a ballgame.”
Clint Hurdle

Clint Hurdle is beginning his third season as manager of the Pittsburgh Pirates.
Hurdle piloted the Colorado Rockies for eight years leading them to the National
League Pennant in 2007.

Clint Hurdle played in the Major Leagues for some 10 years with the Kansas City
Royals, Cincinnati Reds, New York Mets and St. Louis Cardinals.

Hurdle originally was drafted by the Kansas City Royals in the first round of the 1975
Amateur Draft.

Hurdle’s lifetime Major League batting average was .259 and he hit 32 Home runs.

Clint Hurdle did not become the great player that many predicted he would be, but he
is making a name for himself as a manager.

Hurdle deserves a great deal of credit for changing the culture in the Pittsburgh Pirates
Clubhouse. Hurdle took over a team in 2011 that had lost 105 games in the 2010 season.
His positive attitude and leadership skills were a big key in the Pirates climb back to

Bill White, who was a fine first baseman for many years and later served as National
League President, once was asked, “How important is a manager?”

White responded, “It depends on the manager.”

White pointed out that some managers will have a positive impact on their teams,
some will have a negative impact on their clubs, and others will have virtually no

Yes, the Pirates were in a position to make it to the Post-Season in each of Hurdle’s
first two seasons at the helm. They did not play well down the stretch in each season, but nevertheless, in my opinion, Clint Hurdle has had a very positive impact on the franchise.

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