“You certainly can’t drift mentally..that’s for sure..when you are not putting a lot of runs on the board and playing these tight games.”
Bruce Bochy, Manager of the World Champion San Francisco Giants

Bruce Bochy recently guided the San Francisco Giants to their second World Championship in the last three years. Bruce Bochy managed the San Diego Padres for 12 seasons before becoming the San Francisco Giants Manager in 2007. In 1996, Bochy was named National League Manager of the Year and in 1998 Bochy led the San Diego Padres to the National League Pennant.

The two World Championships the Giants have won under Bochy the last three years are the first two the Giants have captured since 1998. Bruce Bochy was a back-up catcher in the Major Leagues for 10 seasons with the Astros, Mets and Padres.

Hensley “Bam Bam” Meulens, the San Francisco Giants hitting coach, is someone whom I know quite well. “Bam Bam” spent four years as the Indianapolis Indians hitting coach (2005-2008) before joining the Giants’ organization. Meulens and I spoke before a Giants-Reds game in Cincinnati this past April. Not only did “Bam Bam” praise Bochy’s managerial skills, but he also praised Bochy’s leadership skills. “Bruce Bochy delegates authority to his coaches and that has earned him a great deal of respect,” Meulens said.

What the Giants accomplished in the 2012 Post-Season was incredible! The Giants were down 2 games to 0 against the Reds and then won 3 straight in Cincinnati to take that Series. The Giants were down 3 games to 1 against the Cardinals in the LCS and won 3 straight to capture the National League Pennant. The Giants then swept the Tigers to win the World Championship.

When people talk about the best managers in Major League Baseball in the last 20 years, Bruce Bochy certainly is one of them.

Howard Kellman will be giving a speech in the Region (Northwest Indiana) in mid-November

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