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 “I just keep thinking about putting up good numbers, playing hard and winning games.”
Angels outfielder Mike Trout

Mike Trout had an incredible rookie season. Trout, who turned 21 during the 2012 season, belted 30 home runs and drove in 83 runs. Mike Trout had American League leading totals of 49 stolen bases and 129 runs scored.

Mike Trout is from New Jersey and was taken by the Angels in the first round (25th selection) of the 2009 amateur draft. Trout was promoted from Triple-A to the Angels on April 28. Despite missing the first 20 games of the season, Trout was named to the American League All-Star team.

Mike Trout spent some time in the Major Leagues with the Angels in 2011. Trout did not distinguish himself in 2011 however he was nothing short of spectacular in 2012. The Angels were 6-14 when Trout was recalled from the Minor Leagues. The Angels went 83-59 after Trout was promoted. This is more than coincidence. Trout gave the Angels the turbocharge they desperately needed. Not only did Trout put up incredible numbers, he also excelled in the outfield.

One of the modern statistics is W.A.R. which stands for Wins Against Replacements. That means how many more wins a player means to his team than an average player would mean to his team. Mike Trout’s W.A.R. was an incredible 10.7

The question is why was he not taken until the 25th selection of the 2009 draft? The consensus is that a big reason was because he is from a State not known for producing baseball players (New Jersey). It is extremely difficult to project how good a baseball player a kid who signs out of high school will become. Nonetheless, there is a lesson here about putting labels on people.

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