“We were bad…we were fighting the Phillies and Cubs for last place.. we added a couple of guys and…boom..we took off.”
Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski on the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates

Bill Mazeroski spent his entire 17 year Major League Career with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Mazeroski  was a 10-time All-Star who won eight Gold Gloves for fielding excellence. Mazeroski played on two World Championship teams(1960 & 1971), In 2001, Bill Mazeroski was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame. In 2010, a statue of Bill Mazeroski was erected at Pittsburgh’s PNC Field. Bill Mazeroski is best known for belting a 9th inning Home Run in Game 7 of the 1960 World Series. That Home Run gave the Pirates a 10-9 victory over the New York Yankees and gave the Pirates their first World Championship since 1925.

Bill Mazeroski’s dramatic game winning Homer in the 1960 World Series remains the only time the 7th Game of the World Series ended with a Home Run. The Pirates beat the Yankees despite being outscored by them 55-27 in the Series. Mazeroski always will be remembered for that heroic feat…those of us who saw him play also will remember what a great second baseman he was. Maz “turned the double-play’ with the best of them.

His legs were very strong…it was said his legs were like” tree trunks.” Sometimes when a runner slides in hard at second base he will ask the second baseman if he is”okay.”  Except with Maz…he would ask the base runner if “he was okay.” When people discuss the Hall of often has been said that it is a “Hitters Hall of Fame.”

Bill Mazeroski’s induction into the Hall of Fame proves that isn’t always the case.

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