Slam Duncan

“Good, better, best.  Never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better is best.”
NBA Great Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan has played for the San Antonio Spurs for 15 seasons. During this time period, the Spurs have won four Championships and Duncan has amassed all kinds of achievements. Duncan is a two-time NBA MVP and a three-time NBA Finals MVP.

Tim Duncan has been selected to the All NBA and All Defensive NBA teams for 13 seasons. Tim Duncan starred at Wake Forest…he was the College Player of The Year and was taken by the Spurs with the first pick of the 1997 NBA Draft.

Duncan was the NBA Rookie of the Year… His career averages: 20.3 points per game and 11.3 rebounds per game.

I always have admired and respected Tim Duncan…..not only for his talent but also because of the way he goes about his business.. He is quiet, some say…stoic..and excellent passer and very team oriented.

Duncan is a great interior defender and a clutch player… he has been the MVP of  the NBA Finals on three occasions.

Tim Duncan deserves a great deal of credit because the Spurts have had
a different cast of  characters in winning their four NBA Championships… Duncan and David Robinson were known as the “twin towers” and they gave San Antonio an incredible one-two punch.

Tim Duncan is one of the greatest power forwards in NBA History and is so solid that some people have called him, “The Big Fundamental.” The Spurs swept their first two Playoff Series’ this year however they were beaten by Oklahoma City in the Conference Finals… I do not know how much longer Tim Duncan will play… when he does retire his “class act” and  “professionalism” will be missed.

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