The Transistor Kid

“Good is not good when better is expected.”
Los Angeles Dodger  Broadcaster Vin Scully

Vin Scully began broadcasting the Dodger games in 1950 when the team still was located in Brooklyn. 2012 marks Scully’s 63rd consecutive year in the Dodger broadcast booth. Scully is a native New Yorker and a graduate of Fordham. When the Dodgers hired Vin prior to the 1950 season, Dodger broadcaster Red Barber became Vin’s mentor. Vin Scully has been behind the microphone for all six World Championships the Dodgers have won(1955,1959, 1963,1965, 1981 and 1988). Scully has received all kinds of awards and honors during his illustrious career. In 1982, Scully was inducted into the Broadcasters Wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Judging a broadcaster is very subjective; nonetheless many, many baseball fans would say that Vin Scully is the greatest baseball broadcaster of all-time. It is incredible that Vin is in his 63rd year of broadcasting Dodger games. Ernie Harwell and Harry Caray had careers almost at lengthy as Scully’s however Harwell and Caray both worked for several teams. Scully, like his mentor Red Barber is a stickler for preparation and Vin, like Red, takes an objective approach. When the Dodgers left Brooklyn for Los Angeles, Vin Scully went with them and began educating Southern Californians about the game of baseball. People would take their radios to Dodger Stadium to listen to Vin call the game as they watched it. Vin became known as the “transistor kid.. Vin Scully has inspired many people over the years, myself included. Vin Scully is extremely bright; his baseball knowledge is astounding..and at age 84 he still is working very hard and he sounds great. The  Dodgers have had many great players over the years…many Hall of Famers..yet Dodger fans voted Vin Scully the most memorable personality in the history of the franchise.

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