The Mick

“Somebody once asked me if I ever went up to the plate trying to hit a home run. I said, “Sure, every time.”
Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle belted 536 Home Runs in regular season play. His 18 World Series Homers is a record for World Series play.

Mantle won three American League Most Valuable Player Awards (1956,57 & 62) and he also won a Gold Glove for fielding excellence in 1962.

In 1956, Mickey won the Triple Crown, leading both Major Leagues in Home Runs(52), RBI(130) and batting average .353.

Mickey Mantle led the American League in Home Runs on four occasions and finished his career with a remarkable .421 on base percentage.

Mantle spent his entire 18 year career with the New York Yankees where he led them to 12 Pennants and seven World Championships.

Mickey Mantle was inducted into Baseball’s Hall of Fame in 1974, his first year of eligibility.

Not only was Mickey Mantle the greatest switch-hitter of all-time, he was the greatest combination of power and speed the game ever has seen.

When New York Yankee Manager saw 19 year-old Mickey for the first time, he couldn’t believe his eyes. “Never have I seen a slugger with so much speed; never have I seen a speedster with so much slug!” Stengel exclaimed.

Mickey Mantle had a flair for the dramatic. His 13 walk-off Home Runs (12 regular season; one in the World Series) are the most of any player in Baseball History.

It was so exciting to watch Mantle play because of his tremendous power. He was known for hitting tape measure home runs.

Unfortunately, he suffered major injuries to his right knee (1951) and his right shoulder (1957) and that affected hsi swing from the left side. Nonetheless, he still hit some very long home runs batting left handed.

I have spoken to several players who played with Mickey.with the Yankees. They all said he was a “great teammate.”

Mickey Mantle’s battles with alcoholism have been well chronicled.

Let’s remember that he was one of the greatest ballplayers of all-time. He may not have been a role model, but he was a hero to many people, including myself.

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1 Response to The Mick

  1. Ron says:

    Enjoyed the article on The Mick. He was my favorite player when I started playing Pee Wee League in 1962. I wore number 7! As I recall, Mantle hurt his knee tripping over a sprinkler head in the outfield in Yankee Stadium while chasing down a fly ball.

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