Automatic Adam

“As kickers, we’re not out there much. Our teammates build the  cake; and sometimes we’re fortunate enough to put the icing on it.”
Adam Vinatieri

Adam Vinatieri has been a kicker in the National Football League for 16 years.

Vinatieri has been an All-Pro twice and is still very capable at age 39.

Vinatieri has played in six Super Bowls; four with the New England Patriots and two with the Indianapolis Colts.

He is the only kicker in NFL history to play on four winning Super Bowl teams.

Vinatieri has put the “icing on the cake” 42 times in the post-season; that is the most number of field goals anyone has kicked in playoff history.

I have great admiration and respect for Adam Vinatieri.

Let’s remember that when Adam came out of South Dakota State in 1995, no NFL team drafted him.

In 1996, the Patriots gave Vinatieri a tryout and yes, the rest is history.

Vinatieri’s nickname, “Automatic Adam” is extremely complimentary. What better nickname could a kicker have!

Let’s remember that Vinatieri has made some of the most important field goals in NFL history.

He has kicked two game winning field goals in the Super Bowl and in a heavy snow, in the final ever game in Foxboro, he kicked game tying and game winning field goals.

Vinatieri was a great all-around athlete at Central High School in Rapid City, South Dakota.

He is physically strong and more importantly  he is very strong mentally.

Adam Vinatieri says before an important kick he is able to get his mind to just focus on the task at hand.

He is able to do that and block everything else out because of his great self-confidence.

You cannot “freeze” Adam Vinatieri.

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