“There are a lot of guys who are respected but not liked.”
Ron Santo

Ron Santo played in the Major Leagues for 15 years.

He played for the Chicago Cubs for 14 years and spent his final season(1974) with the Chicago White Sox.

Santo recently was elected into Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Santo was a nine-time All-Star and he won five Gold Glove awards at third base

Santo belted 342 home runs and hit 20 or more homers in a season 11 times and 30 or more homers on four occasions.

Santo was a very durable player and is the only third baseman in Major League Baseball history to drive in 90 or more runs for eight consecutive years.

Ron Santo was not liked by Cub fans, he was loved by them.

In my opinion, Ron Santo’s election into Baseball’s Hall of Fame was long overdue.

I only wish it had happened when he still was alive.

Santo led the National League in walks four times and with the present day emphasis regarding on base percentage, that statistic has meant more and more over the years.

I feel Santo is a Hall of Famer because not only was he a nine-time All-Star and five time Gold Glove winner, but he was a very durable player.

Santo, like several other Hall of Famers, hit much better in his home ballpark(Wrigley Field).

I think what kept him out of the hall of Fame for so long is that he played for a Cubs team that never made it to the Post Season.

The Cubs epic collapse in 1969 (they had a 5 game lead with 25 to play) didn’t help, either.

Ron Santo was a beloved figure in the Cubs radio booth for many years working alongside Pat Hughes.

Ron Santo accomplished so much on the playing field and did it all while being diabetic.

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