An Athlete & A Scholar

“Sports is a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and achieving against great odds. Athletes, in times of difficulty can be important role models.”

Former Basketball player and United States Senator Bill Bradley

Bill Bradley was an athlete and a scholar….He was a great College Basketball Player and an honor student at Princeton. The New York Knicks  drafted hm however for Bill Bradley Pro Basketball could wait. He attended Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship and two years later he joined the Knicks.

Bradley was a very important role player on the only two Championships the Knicks have won (1970 & 1973). Bradley was an All-Star during the 1972-73 season and prior to becoming a professional, he earned a gold medal as a member of the 1964 Olympic Basketball team.

After retiring from the NBA, Bradley became a force in Politics. He was a three-term Senator from his adopted State of New Jersey.

Bill Bradley is a native of Crystal City, Missouri and was the NCAA Basketball Player of the Year in 1965.  He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1982.

I think that Bill Bradley has been an outstanding role model. He was an athlete and a scholar and always conducted himself with a great deal of class and dignity.

Bradley was a great college basketball player at Princeton and a good pro basketball player with the New York Knicks. He maximized his ability in the pros by constantly moving without the ball and working hard on defense. He was a great shooter who would free himself by utilizing screens. Bill Bradley also was a very unselfish player.

Bradley was a three-term United States Senator from New Jersey.  He does not possess great charisma and was unsuccessful in his bid to become President. Bradley has authored six books and won a Gold Medal in the Olympics and won two NBA Championships.He was a Rhodes Scholar, a success in politics and in business……Now that’s a role model!

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