The Golden Bear

“Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not.”
Jack Nicklaus

Jack Nicklaus won a record 18 Major Championships. Tiger Woods is second with 14 Majors. Nicklaus won the Masters six times; he was victorious in the U.S. Open on four occasions;he won three British Opens and five PGA titles. At age 46, in 1986, Nicklaus won the Masters, his final Major.

Jack Nicklaus also left his mark designing golf courses.

Nicklaus came out of Ohio State in the early 1960’s and soon thereafter became golf’s dominant player. This did not sit well with Arnold Palmer’s many fans. Arnold was a more aggressive player and had more charisma but nobody could stop Jack Nicklaus from achieving greatness.

Gary Player, an outstanding golfer in his own right, said this about Jack Nicklaus, “Nicklaus has the greatest mind the game ever has known.”

Nicklaus was a conservative player who kept his mistakes to a minimum. I admired that while Jack was not a great putter, he would make important putts whenever he had to make them.

Jack was so determined and so focused that nothing could stand in his way. When Jack was asked about pressure, he had a wonderful response. “Concentration is an antidote to anxiety,” he replied.

Arnold Palmer was an excellent golfer who took risks on the golf course. Arnold was golf’s first television star and his charisma and working class upbringing helped to popularize golf.

Arnold was great but Jack was the greatest.

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