The Tall Tactician

“I never have known a day when I did not learn something new about this game.”
Hall of Fame Manager Connie Mack

Cornelius McGillicuddy (Connie Mack) was a player-manager for the Pittsburgh Pirates before becoming the Philadelphia A’s manager. Mack managed the A’s for 50 years(1901-1950). He also was a part-owner of the team.

Mack won 3,731 games and lost 3,948 others. He was the first manager to win the World Series three times. A big reason why he lost more games than he won was that he often was hampered financially and had to sell players.

This quote from a man who managed in the Major Leagues for more than 50 years! Every morning I cannot wait to get started to see what I can achieve as a sports broadcaster and professional speaker. I, like many people, am always looking to improve. If a man who managed in the Major Leagues for more than 50 years had this tremendous desire to learn and to better himself, it ought to inspire all of us in whatever endeavors we pursue, to be the very best that we can be.

Connie Mack was quiet and even tempered and valued intelligence and “baseball smarts.” In fact, he traded Shoeless Joe Jackson because he felt Jackson wasn’t smart and Jackson didn’t have a good attitude. Connie Mack did not drink and encouraged his players to develop good personal habits.

New York Giants Hall of Fame Manager, John McGraw, was Mack’s contemporary. McGraw was the opposite of Mack in that McGraw was fiery and hot tempered. These two men are two of the greatest managers in baseball history. The difference in their dispositions shows us that there never is only one way to be successful.

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