Coach K

“Don’t worry about losing. Think about winning.”
Duke Basketball Coach Mike Krzyzewski

Coach K certainly displays his positive attitude with this statement.

Mike Krzyzewski was the Head Coach at Army for five years before getting the Duke job more than 30  years ago. Coach K has led Duke to four National Championships and 11 final fours. He also was at the helm when the USA won the gold medal in the 2008 Summer Olympics.

Mike Krzyzewski played for Bob Knight at Army and Coach K soon will surpass Knight for the most wins by a college basketball coach in Division 1 History. Since Bob Knight was Mike Krzyzewski’s mentor, this will be a very special time in the lives of both men.

Mike Krzyzewski was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2001.

Coach K always has been team oriented and that is the way I prefer to see the game played. Many basketball fans relish great individual performances.While I can appreciate great individual efforts, I get more satisfaction from finding the “open man.”

Coach K always has been very supportive of his players. He believes in discipline however his nurturing style enables him to form very strong relationships with his student-athletes.

There have been four occasions when Mike has been offered head coaching jobs in the NBA. The Celtics, Trail Blazers, Lakers and Nets have dangled  very large sums of money. Had Coach K taken any of those jobs, it would have been understandable. In addition to the money, he would have had a different kind of challenge.

So many people in all walks of life say,”It’s not about the money” when, in fact,” it is all about the money.” Even though Mike Krzyzewski makes a great living at Duke, he could have made much more money as an NBA Coach.

I always have had great admiration and respect for Coach K.

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