“I’ve told people, you have no idea what an MLB Manager goes through in the course of a day.”

Brian Snitker

Brian Snitker is the Manager of the World Champion Atlanta Braves. Snitker has been at the helm since the 2016 season and has had great success winning four straight National League East titles and now a World Series. It’s the Braves first World Championship since 1995. Snitker has been in the Braves organization his entire adult life, 45 years. He has  been a  Minor League player, Major & Minor League coach, Minor League instructor, and Major and Minor League Manager.

I got to know Brian Snitker when he managed the Richmond Braves and years later, the Gwinnett Braves. He always was very friendly, pleasant and professional. The great people skills that he has helped him get the Braves Major League managerial job. The Atlanta Braves players that Snitker managed and coached in the Minor Leagues went “to bat” for Brian when the Big League job opened up. They made their case to the Front Office and Snitker was hired on a full-time basis. The players both “like and respect” Snitker. Brian Snitker has spent most of his 45 years in the Braves organization in the Minor Leagues. Despite the many disappointments, he persevered and finally became a Major League Manager at age 60! Brian Snitker puts in long hours before games dealing with players, coaches, the front office, and the media. His success is well deserved and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!

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